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Arizona's Immigration Bill SB 1070  (Passed April 23, 2010) (PDF)

 U. S. A. Senate Dishonest Trashing Of A Private U. S. A. Citizen

Convicted Ex-Lawmakers Rake In Pensions (added 06/23/07)

Bill Clinton

Special Section
For The Clinton's

Hillary Clinton

(Caution - Adult Content) - Hillary Clinton Quotations (added 04/18/2006)

 The Clintons' Terror Pardons - Debra Burlingame (added 02/12/08)

Pardons By President Bill Clinton (added 07/02/07)

Hillary Clinton's Resume (added01/30/08)

    Clinton's Legacy - A Whitewater Cronology -   (Added 05/28/03)

Clinton's TV Monica Confession (Added 8/17/98)

Preserving Clinton's Sorry Hide

Clinton Quotes

Bubba's Bimbo's

The Suicide of Vince Foster (Added 7/24/98)

 What We Know About Bill Clinton - Bill Bennett (Added 11/10/98)

The Evolution of Mankind Into Liberals and Conservatives (added 03/20/04)

The Story of Al Sharpton - Thomas Clough

The Roots of Kwanzaa - Thomas Clough

Democrat Quotes on Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction  (added 10/01/03)

 Taxes -  (Added 09/02/03)

 Who's Smarter?  (Added 04/26/03)

 Jane Fonda - American Traitor  (Added 06/27/02)

 The Anthrax Letters  (Added 10/24/01)

   Timothy McVeigh Letter to Union-Sun & Journal
of Lockport NY  (Added 10/24/01)
Reparations and Fidel Castro  (Added 09/12/01)

  "Fixing" Social Security  (Added 08/04/01)

      The Ant and the Grasshopper (Added 3/9/00)

Ronald Reagan Quotations

Bill Clinton (and others) Quotes

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