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My Humble

In this section you will find my "Very Humble" opinions on a variety of subjects including Income Tax Amendment 16 - Gun Control - Illegal Mexican Amnesty - Jimmy Carter - George "Dubya" Bush - "We The People" and Guns - Income Tax Evasion, and much more. Please click the link and review the menu.

David's Wine
In this section you will find Information about grape varietals - characteristics - appellations - calories in wine - wine glasses - bottles - how to read a French Wine Label - how to pronounce Gewürztraminer and Pouilly Fuisse, and much more.

U.S.A. Stuff
Here you will find the Articles of Confederation - Declaration of Independence - Constitution - addresses by Washington - Madison - Lincoln - JFK - Regan - Articles of Clinton Impeachment - Presidents of the USA - Members of the Supreme Court - Map of USA Territorial Expansion - Patrick Henry - Thomas Paine - Davy Crockett, and much more.

Historical Stuff
Read about The Boston Massacre - Sir Winston Churchill - General George Patton - Wounded Knee - Caligula - Prince Dracula - Josef Stalin - Iwo Jima - Crispus Attaucks - Benedict Arnold - Salem Witchcraft - John Paul Jones - Prime Ministers of Canada - The Alamo, and much more.

Financial Stuff
History of the Dow Jones Industrial Averages - The Current DOW 30 - Historical Gold Prices - Credit Ratings - NYMEX Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices - Currency Exchange Rates - Federal Tax Forms, and more

Political Stuff
Reveals our criminal and dishonest politicians - Imprisoned politicians collecting pensions - special section for the Clinton's - Hillary Quotes (adult) - Al Sharpton - Kwanzaa - Jane Fonda - Democrat Quotes on Weapons of Mass Destruction - Bill Clinton's Pardons of Terrorists and Criminals - Timothy McVeigh, and much more

General Interest Stuff
This section has pictures of handguns - military aircraft - old masters paintings - A Very Large Array - pages on W.C. Fields - Henny Youngman - Babe Ruth - Mae West - Quint's famous Jaws speech - Lou Gehrig - Pavo Nurmi, and much more.

Humor Stuff
Here you will find Yogi Berra Quotes, College Football Quotes, Henny Youngman, Rodney Dangerfield - Cliff Clavin Buffalo Theory - Normisms, and much more.

Geography Stuff
Maps of the Middle East - USA - Canada - Arizona Facts - Great Lakes Facts - USA Geographical and Population Facts, and a little bit more.

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