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My Humble Opinion

I Don't Like Dubya Anymore

George W. Bush
George W. "Dubya" Bush
July 6, 1946 -

I used to like him.  Not a lot, but I liked him.  I always knew he was not a conservative but twice I voted for him anyway.  A major factor influencing my votes for Dubya is that the "best" candidate the Democrats could offer in the 2000 election was Algore, a certified wimp and the tree-hugging inventor of the internet.  In the 2004 election the Democrats offered us Mr. Kerry, the Viet Nam war-protesting  buddy of "Hanoi" Jane Fonda, who mysteriously won not one, not two, but three Purple Hearts without losing a drop of blood.  The truth is, I would not vote for a Democrat president anyway.  Jimmy Carter cured me of that.  (We need to dig up Harry Truman and clone him.)

Mr. Bush has had some significant successes during his tenure.  A government has really only four legitimate functions and they are in this order. First, the defense of the nation and protection of its citizens.  Second, to provide a legal system where all citizens, not just the privileged, have equal protection under the law.  Third, because these are the "United States" a way to regulate and fairly conduct commerce between these states and to prevent "inter-mural" discrimination among them and Fourth, to provide a central authority for the conduct of foreign relations and trade.

All other functions our government is currently performing were not intended nor contemplated by our Founding Fathers.

With the first function, defense, Dubya has done very well.  He has rebuilt a decimated military and has re-established our lead in new and innovative defensive and offensive technologies.  The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is too complicated for me to understand. I really detest being the world’s policeman, but just like my hometown, bad people exist and policemen are necessary.  After the horrendous and ceaseless muslim attacks on and in our country and the brutally savage manner in which they are conducted, I believe it is not only necessary, but compulsory that any government, organization or individual who inflicts damage or written or verbal threats upon the USA or its citizens should be hunted down and killed.  Forget Abu Ghraib and Guantanomo.  Hunt them down and kill them.

With the second function, legal, Dubya's selection of judges is a shining pillar that will benefit this nation for years to come.  Not only his two Supreme Court appointments, Judges Roberts and Alito, but also those judges he has placed throughout the entire federal court system.

With the third function, commerce, His position on taxes has contributed significantly to the booming economy we are currently enjoying.  This economy has provided near full employment, record high tax collections, a robust stock market and even after 15 straight interest rate increases a prime rate of 7.75% which is a workable rate for most businesses.  The world economy is draining our manufacturing jobs but I'm not certain this isn't just a natural migration of business.  When our country was formed, we were an agriculture society where more than 80% of our citizens owned and/or worked farms and food related industries.  Then, along came the industrial revolution.  People left the farms and gained employment in the cities working factories and in construction building those cities.  We are now moving away from industrial and manufacturing to a service economy.  Regardless, our economy is vibrant and anyone who wants a job can find one.

Mr. Bush has had some significant failures during his tenure.  Among those failures we must include his failure to make the tax cuts permanent, his failure to "fix" the disastrous social security system, his failure to eliminate, kill and bury the abominable Death "Estate" Tax, the Dubai seaport deal, instead of eliminating medicare he foolishly expanded it with a prescription drug benefit, his retention of Secretary of Transportation, Norman Mineta, the most incompetent and clueless individual to ever hold a government job, his post 9/11 constant mantra that "Islam is a religion of peace,” total lack of any form of energy policy to resolve our greatest international weakness (the Energy Policy Act of 2005 was a tiny step), Harriet Miers fits in here somewhere, the "No Child Left Behind" is total federal intrusion into all levels of local education, the reckless open checkbook, unlimited cash promise to rebuild New Orleans, the uneducated reference to the Minutemen as "Vigilantes,” there is more but space is limited.

However, his two most extensive failures are his policies on immigration and spending.


First, a personal note to the president:

President Bush, have you forgotten September 11?  Your first job, your most important job, your most critical job is to defend this nation.  You are the Commander in Chief.  You have sworn to defend us.  We are at war with muslims and we have been since Mohammed invented that religious cult back in the seventh century.  They are uncompromising and relentless in their quest for worldwide domination.  Their goal is death to all non-muslims and their methods are barbaric.  You do not have any idea who is coming across our borders or what they are carrying on their backs.  This is malfeasance.  I have no interest in your personal sentiments toward the despotic Vicente Fox and his impoverished, corrupted nation.  You can deal with your compassionate desires to be all loving and forgiving to our Mexican neighbors after your term has expired and you are consigned to ranching in Crawford or feeding pigeons at the nursing home.  But for now, you must place the security of the United States and its citizens above your personal interests. I don’t care anything about Fox or the Mexicans.  I only care about me, my family, my loved ones and each and every other of my fellow American citizens living legally in this country.  Your casual attitude toward our borders is contemptible and you are placing your petty personal emotions ahead of America.  Shame on you.

Should another muslim event occur in this country, your name will live in eternal infamy.


Now.  We are being invaded!  Every month more than 50,000 illegal aliens enter our country at our Southern border alone.  The vast majority, but not all, are Mexican.  April 17, 2006, Mr. Bush repeated his incredibly foolish statement “These immigrants come to this country looking for work to feed their families.  They are not a threat to our security.”  How can he say that?  He does not even know who they are!  Yes.  The majority are Mexicans and most are not a threat.  But he does not know who they are!

We do know this.  Many of them pay for their crossing with cash to their “Coyotes,” and many pay by smuggling marijuana and cocaine in knapsacks on their backs.  Many illegals enter this country because they are fleeing Mexican authorities for crimes they have committed in their own country.  Many come here in late stages of pregnancy simply to drop their babies and gain citizenship through the back door.  Many come here to obtain (free) specialized medical services they cannot afford or are unable to receive in Mexico.  Many come here from other third world nations and are bringing diseases to US that we thought we had conquered and vanquished decades ago.  They are reintroducing diseases like tuberculosis, diphtheria, small pox and even leprosy.  The vast majority lack education, job skills, (other than a strong back and a willingness to work) lack knowledge of the English language and adequate financial resources to carry them until they are able to find a job and housing.  Because of their lack of money, many commit petty and major crimes, not because they are bad people but because they need to survive.  Many are bad people.  In a recent article, Heather MacDonald of the Manhattan Institute For Policy Research writes that in Los Angeles, 95 percent of all outstanding homicide warrants are for illegal aliens. Up to two-thirds of all fugitive felony warrants are for illegal aliens.  California State Sen. Gloria Romero (D) states the 28,672 illegals living in California prisons are costing the taxpayers a staggering sum to support, house and feed.

We don’t know who they are!  To illustrate, if a man named Jose Rodriguez entered Texas a year ago and commits petty theft, or robbery, or rape, or murder and is chased by Texas police, he runs back to Mexico, gets new documents and re-enters in Arizona as Manuel Rodriguez.  Texas never finds Jose and Arizona thinks Manuel is clean.  Do you think it is a coincidence that Arizona is the No. 1 car thefts state in the Union? (Per capita) Texas is the No. 2 car thefts state in the Union.  California is the No. 3 car thefts state in the Union.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  They can deliver these stolen cars to professional car theft rings in Mexico before most owners even know their cars have been stolen.  We just happen to share a border with an incredibly corrupt third world nation.

The generally accepted number of illegal aliens in this country is 12,000,000.  Most, are currently employed thereby demonstrating that we have jobs and room for them. Legal Mexicans are always welcome.  The illegals are felony criminals.  They flout our immigration laws, (felony) they forge federal documents, (felony) they cheat and lie on their W2 forms,  they suffocate our education facilities, they strain and overrun our medical services and they do not understand the concept of automobile insurance or driver’s licenses. Our children get out of high school and look for a summer job to help with their college costs and they find themselves competing with illegal Mexicans who are willing to work for $3 an hour for 12 hours a day.  Those wages sound desperate but compared with where they came from, they have struck it rich!

Every time a politician uses the phrase “We are a nation of immigrants” I want to bend him in half and stick his head right up where his brains are.  We are (were) a nation of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS.  Don’t they understand the difference?  Every time a politician uses the phrase “They are only doing the jobs Americans won’t do” I want to scream how many illegals are on construction sites doing plumbing, framing, roofing, cement finishing, tile setting and electrical.  How many illegals are driving back-hoes, delivery vans, taxicabs.  How many illegals are bartenders, servers, sous cooks and chefs?   Just because an illegal began his construction job picking up trash does not mean he is going to stay there.  They work hard and they learn fast.  These are the jobs Americans used to do before Mexicans agreed to do them for half-price. Every time a politician uses that “compassion” crap on me I want to puke.  As corrupt the stink-hole of Mexico is, there are hundreds of millions of other people in countries that are even worse off than Mexico.  We cannot be compassionate to the entire world.  Somewhere we have to draw the line.  As great as this country is, we cannot accept, absorb, accommodate, educate and provide services for every uneducated, non-skilled and diseased poor soul from Mexico, Honduras, Bolivia, Haiti, Romania, Albania, China, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Botswana or any of the other dozens of failed politically despotic countries covering the Earth. Someone has to say “STOP!  NO MORE!” Believe it or not, Mr. Bush, that’s your job.  You must enforce the laws of this country.

Close the border!  Build a wall.  You, my internet viewers, and I live in the real world and on a daily basis we compete for jobs, insure our cars, pay our taxes, wait our turn in the emergency rooms, send our children to crowded classrooms, spend countless hours pressing 1 for English or trying to find the English section of the instruction manual or waiting in lines for someone trying to explain something to someone who doesn’t understand our language.

You and I see the problems and the related costs for flooding our country with criminal illegal aliens.  Our politicians see a vote.

By the way.  Who in hell is Casey Dias?


March 20, 2006 President Bush signed a bill raising the federal debt limit to $9,000,000,000,000.  Just in case your eyes cannot capture and count all of those zeros that is NINE TRILLION DOLLARS.  Nine trillion!  I cannot comprehend how much money that is.  I just know we don’t have that much.  We can’t pay the bill.  Neither can our children.

Trivia.  I just measured a dollar.  It is 6 1/8 inches long.  If we laid 9 trillion dollars end to end, the line would stretch for 4.594 trillion feet or 870 million miles or wrap around the earth 34,801 times.

Our politicians spent all of that money they did not have.  What is wrong with them?

Before anyone writes me and says Bush does not have any spending power, I know that.  Article 1 Sections 7 and 8 of the Constitution grants all taxing and spending powers to the congress.

Former Secretary of the Treasury, Paul O'Neill said the motto of the U. S. Congress is "Don't just stand there, spend something."  The only brake we have on the maniacal congressional spending frenzy is the president. He alone stands between fiscal responsibility and spending insanity. Unfortunately, Dubya has never met a spending bill he did not love.  What are they doing to our country?  Why?  Our politicians are furiously slopping themselves at the public trough spending our country into an obscenely insurmountable pile of debt and buying our votes with our money.  What happens to their brains after election day?  Is there a mysterious disease surrounding Washington, D.C. that sucks common sense out of the heads of politicians?  Our current crop of politicians are buying our votes with promises they can’t keep.  There is not enough money.  They will pass the consequences of their insatiable greed along to future politicians who will someday be forced to repudiate those foolhardy promises and welch on those obligations.  All for today's re-election!  This is absolute insanity, misuse, abuse and perversion of government power.  Mr. President, where are you?

President Ronald Reagan said “We don’t have deficits because people are taxed too little, we have deficits because big government spends too much.”  At that time, the national debt was $2.3 trillion.  In the past five years, congress has raised the national debt limit four times.  Under Dubya’s leadership the national debt has risen by $3 TRILLION!  Mr. President, where are you?

In 1987 President Ronald Reagan vetoed a transportation bill that contained 152 earmarks (political pork projects) saying “I haven't seen this much lard since I handed out blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair.”  This president, Mr. Bush, is different.  August 10, 2005 President Bush signed a transportation bill that contained 6,371 earmarks.  6,371 pieces of political pork costing more than $24 billion.   In contrast to President Reagans comment, President Bush, at a short bill-signing event at a Caterpillar plant in Illinois made this comment:  "I'm proud to be here to sign this transportation bill, because our economy depends on us having the most efficient, reliable transportation system in the world."

What an astonishing difference between these two men.  Reagan was appalled at 152 pieces of pork and Bush was “proud” to approve 6,371.

President Bush, after more than six years as President of the United States overseeing massive and scandalous congressional spending and driving the national debt up by 50% in his tenure alone, has been unable to find even one spending bill he did not like.  Not even once in all of this time has he had the courage to exercise his greatest constitutional and political power, the veto.  I do not know if Dubya is utterly deprived of any manner of fiscal responsibility or if he just possesses an abnormal fear of confronting congress.  In either case, he is not leading the country and appears oblivious to the financial devastation he is harvesting on our nation.

My final comments are, in a way, related to the immigration problem.  Mexico, our degenerated neighbor to the South, will be conducting presidential elections on July 2, 2006.  Three candidates currently are seeking the power to personally enrich themselves and to run this dreadful nation.

Felipe Calderone, the PAN (National Action Party) candidate is the leading member of Fox’s party and is now running in second place.  If Calderone is elected, we should not expect any change other than more of the continual degradation to be normally anticipated from a country like Mexico.  That means the massive exodus of Mexicans seeking food and shelter in the USA will continue.

Roberto Madras, the PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) candidate is now running in third place.  The voters continue to identify him with the past 70 years of corruption of that party.  His campaign slogan is “Get rid of the kidnappings.”  Should he be elected, the confidence of the voters would be shaken and the exodus to the USA would not only continue but, in all probability, increase.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the leftist PRD (Party of the Democratic Revolution) candidate is now running in first place.  He is currently Mayor of Mexico City.  One of his campaign promises is to build a modern high-speed train from Mexico City to the USA border. (Just what we need) Mr. Obrador is frequently called AMLO for his initials.  AMLO is a strange candidate.  When Mexican banks were besieged by robberies, he criticized the banks for not having enough security, when a raging mob just outside the city killed a suspected thief, he reflected that their action was the real Mexico expressing itself, and that government should not interfere with village traditions, he installed a free circus, complete with exotic animals, on the plaza right in front of the city’s main cathedral.  AMLO’s entire term as mayor has been fraught with corruption.  Members of his senior staff have been video taped accepting large amounts of cash, and there are video tapes of the city finance officer in Las Vegas gambling away millions of dollars (USD) of Mexico City's money. PAN was not pleased with the popular mayor's entrance into the presidential race so on  April, 2005 just hours after AMLO announced his candidacy for the president of Mexico, and while President Fox was in Rome attending the funeral of Pope John Paul II, Fox’s party in the legislature voted to impeach the mayor and threatened to throw him in jail.  A throng of 150,000 immediately took to the streets to protest the PAN’s actions.

I have since lost interest in this story so I have no further information for you.  The point of this whole Mexican political thing is simply to demonstrate there is much turmoil in Mexico and I do not see any room or possibilities for improvement soon.  Their political and economic instability is bad news for Mexico and the USA.  This is all the more reason we need to secure our borders and somehow retard this invasion.  The desperate dash to the USA for economic security by Mexicans will continue, and surely grow, for years to come.  President Bush, because of his personal friendship with Fox, knows more than anyone and Bush is not talking.

Mexicans are overrunning the USA and Dubya continues his pandering open border policy and his unconscionable yearning for blanket amnesty of 12 million felony criminals.

I don’t like it.

That’s the way I see it.

April 29, 2006

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