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My personal wine ratings - Good = +1 - Very Good = +2 - Excellent = +3 - Outstanding = +4

Abruzzo Ah BROOT zoe
(d'Abruzzo - duh Broot zoe)
Wine growing region in East Central Italy famous for white Trebbiano and red Montepulciano 
Alsace Al SASS French wine growing region in NE France
Alicante Bouschet Ah Lee Cont Boo SHAY French red grape used for jug wines
Amarone Ah Ma ROW Nay Italian red grape for full bodied wines
Anise ANN iss Licorice add to some wines to increase acids
Appellation Controlee Ah pell ah see ON Cohn troll LAY French legally defined growing region - AOC
Ah POOL Yuh Appellation in Italy's heel producing huge amounts of generally table wines
Armagnac Ahr muh gun YAK or
Ahr mun Yak
Brandy produced in the Armagnac region of Gascony in SW France  +3
Asti Spumonte
AH Stee Spoo MON teh
Asti is a town in Italy's Piedmont region famous for its semi-sweet sparkling wine  +3
Barbaresco Bar Bah RES Coe Wonderful red Nebbiolo wine from the Piedmont region of NW Italy +4
Barbera Bar BARE ah Wonderful red wine from the Piedmont region of NW Italy  +4
Bardolino Bar doe LEE No Italian light red blended wine from the Veneto +1
Barolo Bar ROW Lo Excellent Red Nebbiolo wine from the Piedmont region of NW Italy +4
Beaujolais  (Villages)
Bo zho Lay   (vee LAZH)
Light, fruity red from the Gamay grape of the Beaujolais region of Burgundy France  +2
Bordeaux Bore DOE Superior wine growing region in France.   My personal preferred favorite. +4
Botrytis Cinerea
Bow TRY tis Sin ERR ee uh
The mold "Noble Rot" which produces the intensely flavored Sauternes and desert wines
Bouquet Boo KAY A wines "aroma" matures to "bouquet" with ageing
Bourgogne Boor GONE Yeh French for Burgundy - World famous growing region
Brouilly Brule Yee
Famous appellation in the Beaujolais region producing top Gran Cru Gamay wines
Brunello di
Brew NELL Oh Dee
Mawn Tall CHEE No
Wonderful red Sangiovese Brunello based wine from the Tuscany region of Italy. If I could afford this stuff, it would be my favorite.  +4
Burgundy BURR Gun Dee French wine growing region producing excellent Pinot Noir and Chablis
Cabernet Sauvignon Cab Er NAY Sew Veen YON King of the red grape producing rich full bodied wines.  A personal favorite.   +4
Canaiolo Can eye OH low Red blending grape from Tuscany used in Chianti and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano
Carignan Car Een YON Fruity red grape frequently used to produce table wines
Carmenere Car men YAIR Red blending grape grown mostly in Chile
French term for cellar
Chablis Shaw BLEE Wonderful Chardonnay wine from the Chablis region of Burgundy  +2
Champagne Sham Pain Sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France blended with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier
Chardonnay Shar Doe Nay King of the white grape producing excellent versatile wines +2
Shaw SAWN  - (Yuh) Famous village in Burgundy for Premier Cru Chardonnay and Grand Cru Pinot Noir
Chateau Shot Toe Winery "Castle" and vineyard for French wines  (Chateaux = plural)
du Pape
Shot Toe NOOF
Dew Pop
Outstanding red wine from the Rhone region of France.  Very complex  blend of up to 13 specific grapes.
(new winery (house) of the pope)  +4
Chenin Blanc SHAY Non Blon Excellent white grape producing dry to slightly sweet fruity wine
Chianti Key AWN Tee Wonderful red Sangiovese blend from the Tuscany region of Italy - Italy's #1 Sales  +4
Claret Clair IT British slang for red Bordeaux
Clos Cloe French name for a walled vineyard
Cote Rotie Coat Row TEE & COOT Row Tee Wonderful Syrah based red from the Rhone region of France +3
Cotes du Rhone Coat do Rone Red, Grenache based, or white table wine from the Southern Rhone region of France +2
Courvoisier Coor VWOY zee A brand name producer from the Cognac region north of Bordeaux Fance  +4
Cray MAN French name for Methode Champenoise sparkling wines not produced in the AOC Champange
Cru Classe
Crew Claw SAY
French word for "growth" indicating high quality - Classe means the vineyard is legally calssified
Cru Bourgeois Crew Boogh WAH French term for a wine growth without distinction - Table wine - Very deceiving term - These are great wines
Cru, Grand Gron Closs SAY Grand Cru or Grand Cru Classe - French term for "Great Growth"
Cuvee Coo VAY French word for "vat" indicating a blend of grapes
Demi Sec DEHM ee Sek French term for "half dry" - indicating semi sweet wines (Except for Champagne)
Denominazione di
Origine Controlata
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Day Nom E Nah Zee ON Nay - Dee  - Oh Ree GEE Nay Con Troll OTT ta   (whew!)  
DOCG =Gah Ron Tee Tah - "DOC" Italian equivalent of French Appellation Controlee
Dolce Dole CHAY Italian word for "sweet"
Dolcetto Dole CHET toe Fruity red grape form the Piedmont region of NW Italy +3
Domaine Doe Main French word for "Estate" and/or vineyard
Ahn Truh DEW Murr
"Between Two Seas" (Dordogne and Garonne Rivers) White wine appellation in SE Bordeaux
Fiasco Fee YASS Co
Flask - Straw covered bottle popular with Chianti
Fronsac Frawn Sak Village on the right bank of Bordeaux producing big, powerful reds, a good source of value wines 
Gamay GAM May Wonderful red grape from the Beaujolais region of Burgundy +2
Gattinara Gaw tee NAH rah
Excellent red Nebbiolo based wine from the Piedmont +4
Gewurztraminer Gah VERTZ Tra Me Nur Slightly sweet white grape from the Alsace region of France  +3
Appellation in the Southern Bordeaux South of Pessac-Leognan
Grenache Grey NOSH Widely planted versatile red grape for light to hearty wines - Best in France Southern Rhone +2
Haut Medoc Oh May Doc Important region of the Medoc region of the Bordeaux region
Lawn Geh Dock
Southern France region known for producing table wines
Important commune in the Haut Medoc of Bordeaux
Malbec Mall Beck
Red blending grape used in Bordeaux (2 to 8%)  Gaining popularity as a varietal in Argentina +2
Malolactic MAY Low LACK Tick Secondary fermentation will soften the harsh/tart malo acid into softer lactic acid for smoother mouth feel
Malvasia Mall Vah ZEE Ah
Sweet white grape used for blending into Chianti and as a stand alone desert wine +2 
Margaux Mar GO Important commune in the Medoc region of the Bordeaux  producing outstanding wines
Marsanne Mar SAHN Wonderful white grape of the Rhone region of France
Merlot Mare LOW Versatile red grape for blending or a soft mellow wine  +1
Mawn Teh Pull CHA No Red grape for full bodied table wines - Abruzzo DOCG appellation  - Great value wines +3
Mawn rah SHAY
Famous growing region of Burgundy producing Grand Cru Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Morellino di Scansano Maw ree LEE no dee
Scan SAW no
DOC Sangiovese zone located in the southern portion of Tuscany +4
Important commune in the Haut Medoc of Bordeaux
Mourvedre Moor VAY Druh Strong red grape from the Rhone, Spain and California  +2 
Muscat MUSS Cat Sweet, fruity, aromatic white grape used for desert wines
Nebbiolo Neh Be-OH Low Excellent powerful red grape of Italy's Piedmont region A strong personal favorite +4
Nouveau NEW Voe French term for "new" -  Beaujolais Nouveau released 3rd Thursday in November
Pauillac PO-E Yah or POY Yak
Village in the Haut-Medoc region in Bordeaux - If this name is on the bottle, buy it
Appellation in the Southern Bordeaux region North of Graves
Petit Syrah
Puh TEE (TEET) See Rah California grape producing deep red full bodied tannic spicy wines +4
Petit Verdot
Bordeaux grape producing deep red full bodied tannic spicy wines - popular for blending +4
Petrus, Chateau
PEH Truce
Producer in Pomeral, Haut-Medoc, Bordeaux world famous for outstanding Merlot +4
Piedmont - Piemonte
PEED Mont - Pee Eh MON Tay
N/W Italian wine region producing Nebbiolo, Borolo and other outstanding wines
Pinot Grigio PEE no GREE Jo French / Italian white grape for crisp, dry wine  (see Pinot Gris) +2
Pinot Gris PEE no GREE
French / Italian white grape for crisp, dry wine  (see Pinot Grigio) +2
Pinot Noir PEE no No WAH Excellent red grape of Burgundy +4 - California-Oregon variety +2
Pinotage Pee No TAHJ South African red wine without distinction
Pomerol PA Mer All Right-Bank Village near St. Emilion in Bordeaux famous for Chateaux Petrus and Le Pin
Pouilly Fuisse Poo Yee Fwee SAY  or Pwee
Chardonnay based white Burgundy from the Burgundy region  +2
Pouilly Fume Poo Yee Foo MAY or Pwee
Sauvignon Blanc based white Loire dry and tart seafood wine  +2
Prosecco Proh SAKE Coh White grape grown in Italy's Veneto region used for making cheap sparkling wine
Pew Lee NEE
Famous village in Burgundy home to 4 Grand Cru Chardonnays considered best in world
Rhone Roan Excellent French wine region known for Syrah (North) and Grenache (South)
Riesling REES Ling Excellent grape of the German Rhine and French Alsace - Aromatic, slightly sweet. +3
Rioja Ree OH Ha Excellent Spanish red Tempranillo based wine.  +3
Roussillon RUE See On Minor Appellation region in Southern France usually associated with Languedoc
Sangiovese San Joe VAY Seh Excellent red grape of Tuscany for rich full bodied wine (Chianti) A personal favorite +4
Sauternes Sew TAIRN French desert wine from Bordeaux region (Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon)
Sauvignon Blanc Sew Veen YON Blon Widely planted versatile white grape producing solid dry wines
Semillon SAY me Yon Bland French white grape usually blended with Sauvignon Blanc, A varietal in California  +1
Shiraz She RAHZ Australian / South African term for Syrah 
Swah Veh
Italian dry or semi sweet sparkling white wine from Veneto
made with Garganega and Trebbiano grapes - Italy's #3 Sales  +2
Sommelier So Mell Yay Restuarant wine waiter
Spumante Spu MON Tay Italian semi sweet sparkling wine  (Asti Spumante) from the Piedmonte made with Muscat grape -  Italy's #2 Seller  +3
Syrah See RAH Excellent and powerful red grape of Rhone - Full bodied - Aromatic and Tannic  +4
Tannat TAN At or (Fr) Tan NAW
Full bodied highly tannic French red grape with lighter bodied clones very popular in Uruguay and Argentina
Tannin Tannin Tannic acid in young astringent, "cotton-mouth" red wines
Tastevin Tess Te VEEN or VUN
Sommelier's silver tasting cup  "Taste Wine"
Tav Ver NELL O
Brand name for Italy's top selling wines - Screw cap IGT quaffing table reds and whites
Tempranillo Temp Ra NEEL yo Excellent and powerful red grape of Spain (Rioja) +3
Terroir Tear WAH Growing region containing specific appellations with very similar soil and weather
Torrontes Tor RON taze White quaffing wine from Argentina - aromatic & fruity +2
Treb e AH no Italian white blending grape used in Chianti and brandy (Cognac in France)
(Ugni Blanc in France & Saint Emilion in Cal)
Tuscany TUSS Can Ee Great region of central Italy, Sangiovese, Chianti, Brunello, Super Tuscans
Ugni Blanc
OO Nee Blonk
French white blending grape (Trebbiano in Italy & Saint Emilion in Cal)
Valpolicella Vahl Pole Ee CHEL Lah Italian red medium to light bodied dry wine from the Veneto region +2
Varietal Vuh Rye eh tell Wines made from a specific grape such as Chardonnay - Merlot - Zinfandel
Vino da Tavola
VEE no duh Ta VOL  ah
Lowest Italian wine rating - Wine of the Table -  BUT - Also applies to Super Tuscans
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano VEE no NAW be lay dee
mawn teh pool CHAH no
Red blended medium bodied wine from the commune of Montepulciano in Southern Tuscany made from the Sangiovese Prugnolo grape (maximum 80%) and Canaiolo or other approved local and international varietals.  +2
Viognier Vee Own YAY French white from the Rhone region, best when blended
Vouvray Voov RAY Chenin Blanc versatile white ranging from very dry to dessert wines
Zinfandel Zin Fan DELL Outstanding red grape producing big, powerful, full-bodied wines  +3

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