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Genesis - 9:20: And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard:

Wine is bottled art

Corkscrews for the wine lover Corkscrews - You must have them
Medoc Crus Bourgeois 2003 Classifications Medoc Crus Bourgeois 2003 Classifications corkscrew
Chianti - A Tuscany delight
Calories and Wine - What Are You Drinking?
Vintage Charts for Popular California Varietals & France & Italy Appellations
Corkscrews for the wine lover The Wonderful World Of Bordeaux - The title says it all 

California Makes Funny Wines - Burgundy? - Chianti?
Wine Bottles - Shapes and Sizes

Wine Glasses - Which one to use and how to choose
Wine Pronunciation - That's easy for you to say

Wine Labels - What does that label mean?

Wine Tasting - How to sniff, sip and savor

Wine Terms - Learn the lexicon

Wine Varietals - A brief description of the most popular wines

Caring For Your Wine - The enemies - heat, light and motion

Serving Champagne - Chilled, but don't "pop" the cork

A little graphic on wine making steps

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