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Thomas Paine
"The duty of a patriot is to protect his country from its government"
12/27 A muslim immigrant in Rocky River, Ohio, stood over the bed of his sleeping 27 year old beautiful daughter and shot her three times in the head with his revolver.  The muslim father said it was an accident.  Yeah!  He said that.
12/26 In Chicago where the gun control laws are among the strongest in the nation, over the Christmas weekend, 43 people were shot.  11 people are dead.  It is a good thing Chicago has strict gun enforcement.  Just think about the violence without it.
12/23 Today, Obama gave Israel the finger and abstained from a United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Israel over its settlements on the West Bank.  This loathsome decision clearly illustrates the pettiness of Obama's presidency where he deliberately transforms critical international relations into his strictly personal, petty grudge against Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  This vile parting shot testifies the manner in which this narcissistic and selfish slimeball has governed our country.  And, he still has 28 days to go. Incredibly, American Jews love him.  Reminder, he received 70% of the Jewish American votes.
12/19 Today, the Electoral College released their Certificate of Votes listing of 528 votes, with 304 votes for Trump (2 for others) and 227 for Clinton (5 for others).  The election is now over.  The millions of dollars George Soros spent to influence the election was futile.  In reality, he contributed to the 5 lost votes of Clinton.
12/08 Today, at the age of 95, Astronaut John Herschel Glenn, Jr. has traveled back to the heavens. February 20, 1962, Mr. Glenn stepped inside a Mercury capsule at Cape Canaveral and became the first American to orbit the Earth.  Mr. Glenn flew 59 combat missions in a WWII F4 Corsair fighter in the South Pacific and another 63 combat missions in a F9 Panther jet in the Korean War and another 27 Korean combat missions in a F-86 Sabre.  A true American hero.  Our heart goes out to Annie, John's partner for 73 years.
11/28 Allahu Akbar!  Today, in Columbus, Ohio, a muslim brought in from Somalia by Obama and Gov. John Kasich, attacked 11 American infidels with a car and a large knife.  A fast acting heroic OSU police officer shot the muslim thereby saving an undeterminable number of other Americans. Now, allah is happy and rounding up 72 virgins. Meanwhile, democrats are calling for gun control
11/25 Today, Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, aged 90, finally died.  Few humans will miss him.  His vast fortune will pass to brother Raul Castro, who will now inherit the power and title to all of Cuba's land, real and personal property placing him among the richest men in the world.  The passive commoners of Cuba may perhaps now find the courage to remove Raul and regain possession of the country they once owned 58 years ago.
11/08 Donald J. Trump is elected to be the 45th president of the United States of America.  The "Republican Establishment" is in shock, the MSM is suicidal, Hillary is crying.  The "Establishment" politicians, republican and democrat alike, are the ones who placed US in this condition.The nation disparately needs a change. Only time will reveal the wisdom of this election.
08/15 Next to the tremendous financial, cultural and societal damages created by the invasion of illegal aliens, the second largest USA crisis, IMHO, is the monumental United States national debt of $19+ TRILLION dollars.  Of the hundreds and hundreds of politicians campaigning for a political office with their myriad of costly solutions to all the nation’s problems, not one of them is addressing or promoting a way to slow, stop or reduce this incomprehensible debt.  Why?  Do they not consider this impossible financial obligation a problem?
Today, a black Milwaukee police officer shot and killed a 23 year old black criminal armed with a stolen handgun.  The inevitable black riots began.  A good peace officer, performing his public service duty, evidentially disturbs the black citizenry.  Riots, burning, sacking, assaulting whites, destroying police cars, and of course, free beer, whiskey and TV's, are their unwavering solutions to the problems they created.
08/11 Nearly 100 people have been shot in Chicago in less than a week, pushing the number of shooting victims so far this year to more than 2,500 — about 800 more than this time last year, according to data kept by the Chicago Tribune.  Between last Friday afternoon and early Thursday, at least 99 people were shot in the city, 24 of them fatally.  At least nine people were killed on Monday alone, the deadliest day in Chicago in 13 years.  Chicago has among the strictest gun control laws in the nation.  The politicians STILL BELIEVE guns are committing the crimes.
Today, a muslim blew up a hospital in Quetta, Pakistan and killed 63 people.  Many wounded, the dead number will rise.  Great success for a muslim suicide bomber pleasing allah.
Today, a muslim shouting "Allahu Akbar" attacked two female police officers in Charleori, Belgium with a large knife injuring both officers.  They shot the muslim and he died for allah.  72 virgins on the way.
08/03 Today, a knife wielding muslim attacked a crowd in a London park killing one woman and injuring five others.  It seems muslims have an uncontrollable desire to please their allah by murdering innocent people.
07/28 Today, Hillary Rodham Clinton, was officially nominated to be the democrat party candidate for president of the United States. 
07/26 Today, at a Catholic Church in Normandy, France, two muslims entered morning services and cut the head off of the Priest and took two Nuns and three worshipers hostage.  Police shot and killed the muslims which will entitle them to their 72 virgins supplied by a very pleased allah.
07/26 The Hillary Coronation is completed.  Today, she secured the democrat party nomination to be their candidate for the presidency of the United States. Sad and serious question.  Is Hillary the best we can do?
Today, the Hillary Convention begins.  Neither she nor Trump has a record on which to run on so Hillary's campaign will be attacking and demeaning Trump and the republicans.  Trump’s campaign will be trashing Hillary and the democrats and telling US all of the good things he will do.  Both candidates are vulnerable, but Hillary overwhelmingly wins the personal baggage score.
Today, two muslim suicide bombers in Kabul, Afghanistan murdered 80 people and injured 231.  A good day for the muslim terrorists.
07/22 Today, a muslim attacked innocent civilians shoppers at Munich Olympia Mall killing at least 9 and wounding 16 others.  I'm certain allah is smiling.
07/21 "Friends, delegates and fellow Americans: I humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States."  Thus spoke Donald John Trump becoming the Republican candidate for the 45th President of the United States of America.  We, as a nation, are in trouble.  Unbridled illegal immigration, Middle East wars, uncontrolled deficit spending, race relations, muslim terrorism, national debt, you get the picture.  Politicians seem unable to resolve anything.  We need to do something different.  I wish Mr. Trump well.
07/17 Today, in Baton Rogue, LA, a black muslim, and member of "nation of islam," murdered three  police officers  and wounded three more officers.  If Obama had a son, he would look like this man.
07/14 Today, a muslim driver of a heavy truck managed to run over and murder 84 citizens of Nice, France  who were celebrating Bastille Day. You must admit, muslims are very creative in finding ways to mass murder innocent, Christian civilians. Now, allah is pleased.
Today, Attorney General Loretta Lynch refused to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and her rejection of prosecuting Hillary for use of an insecure private server for classified emails.  Lynch denied to answer questions 74 times.  Should be expected I guess, she is nothing more than Eric Holder in a skirt.  Obama has turned America into a banana republic.
According to Hillary, America's white people caused blacks to assassinate 5 Dallas police officers and 2 civilians.  Hillary tweeted:
Hillary Clinton ✔ @HillaryClinton  "White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day."
3:24 PM - 8 Jul 2016  4,717 4,717 Retweets   9,810 9,810 likes
Ten million likes!  Don't forget:  She's running for president!
07/07 Today, in Dallas 5 police officers were killed and 5 more officers wounded by  2 rooftop black snipers.  They also killed 2 civilians.  This ambush appears to be retaliation for a police officer shooting in Minneapolis of a black man.  The Obama administration including Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have created a sense of impunity for black offenders and violent activity by blacks have heightened significantly.
Today, regarding the Hillary email server scandal, the FBI said "No charges are appropriate in this case."  Hillary walks.  General Petreaus took the hit.  Obama has turned the USA into a banana republic.  Hillary is not a crook, she is just too dumb to realize she broke the law.  Does not matter just how dumb she is, on November 8, 60+ million will vote for her anyway.
07/02 Today, in Baghdad shopping center, two muslim suicide car bombers killed 126 people and wounded more than 200 Saturday evening in a busy shopping district.  The "Religion of Peace" has been very busy spreading the "Peace."
Today, in a Dhaka, Bangladesh restaurant, muslims murdered 20 people who couldn't answer a quiz on the koran,  During the rescue 2 policemen lost their lives.  Six muslim terrorists were killed making a busy day for allah finding 72 virgins for each of them.
06/28 Today, three muslims with machine guns attacked the airport in Istanbul murdering 41 and wounding 239. To further please their allah, the muslims blew themselves up with explosives.  In compliance with their beliefs, each will receive their 72 virgins.
Mexico's leading export is Mexicans.
06/26 Today, Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, an illegal alien Mexican, who was deported six times, shot and killed three people at an Oregon blueberry farm.  Our retarded president, and wannabe Hillary are convinced the border is secure.  Mr. Trump wants to build a wall.  Deported six times?  They have no fear of our law enforcement.
British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would step down after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union. "I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months, but I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination,"  Wouldn't it be nice if Lame Duck Obama possessed the same intellect and wisdom?
WOW! The British citizenry has voted to leave the EU.  For 2,000 years these people have exercised a prepotent force on the entire world.  I have no doubt they will continue to lead, thrive and contribute to the welfare of all civilized peoples of Earth.   They are a rugged, intellectual, cultured people who, without question, will succeed in the future just as they have in history.
06/22 Party voters have selected Donald Trump as their republican presidential candidate.  However, the Republican Establishment does not like Mr. Trump and are not supporting him, therefore, guaranteeing a Hillary presidency.  During the next term at least four, and possibly five, Supreme Court Justices will be replaced, consequently, preventing a Hillary presidency is critical.  The stakes have never been higher.  Withholding support by the Republican Establishment is tantamount to treason.
A muslim in Orlando assassinates 50 people and the democrats go berserk, not about muslims, but screaming over gun control.  In 2011, approximately 1,060,000 unborn babies were assassinated (almost 3,000 every day) and the democrats say nothing.
06/19 Today, at NBC's Meet The Press, while discussing abortion, Hillary stated "The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights.In 2005, 1.2 million babies were aborted.  That is more than 3,000 dead babies EVERY DAY!  Today, 100 million gun owners, killed no one.
06/18 Quran 9:5  "And when the sacred months have passed, then kill the polytheists wherever you find them and capture them and besiege them and sit in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they should repent, establish prayer, and give zakah, let them [go] on their way. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful."
06/16 When a Christian refuses to bake a cake for homosexuals, it's a hate crime!  When a muslim slaughters 50 homosexuals, it's a gun crime!
Our easily confused speaker, Paul Ryan, has threatened to sue a President Trump if he tried to ban muslims from entering the country.  Trump NEVER said he would ban muslims.  He stated: "I will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or our allies, until we fully understand how to end these threats.”  That simple comment has confused Mr. Ryan.  And the mainstream media.
In Obama's misguided logic, the Orlando butcher muslim does not represent all muslims, but, he does represent all American gun owners.
06/13 Hillary, speaking before the "Council on Foreign Relations stated:  "Let’s be clear, though, Islam is not our adversary. Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people, and have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism."  She did!  She really said that. You can't make this stuff up.  This November 8th election, 50 million people will vote for her anyway.  See the video here:
06/12 A muslim committed the second most heinous crime in the history of our country at an Orlando night club by executing 49 people and wounding over 50 more.   We all weep for the families and loved ones of the victims.  The "Religion of Peace" in action.  Obama,   Hillary and the democrats will blame the gun, but NOT the muslim.
06/08 In the entire four billion year history of Earth, has there ever been a country whose people have fled their birth nation to the extent of our Southern border degenerate neighbor of Mexico?  More than 40 million of their people have escaped that corrupt and profane country seeking a civilized culture where their families could prosper in safety and peace.  I am not able to comprehend the vile conditions that must exist in Mexico to force such an enormous magnitude of humans away from their homes and families.  I cannot help but wonder what Mexico would look like if their people had a Second Amendment.
06/07 Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each secured sufficient delegates to win their respective political party’s candidacy for President of the United States.  Provided, of course, their party establishment leaders permit them to run.  Both candidates are deeply flawed and party leaders may force one, or both, out of the race.  Exciting political times are ahead.
06/04 Hillary Clinton stated, on a campaign stop at Mission College in Sylmar, CA. “In my first 100 days I will introduce legislation for comprehensive immigration reform.”  That's the democrat buzzword for rewarding lawbreakers with amnesty.  If you are an invading illegal alien, cast your illegal vote for Hillary.  If you are an American, and want millions of illegals off our welfare teat, cast your legal vote for Trump.
Today, Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr, aka Muhammad Ali, has passed away but his legend remains intact.  Love him or loath him, few will disagree that he was "The Greatest"  RIP.
06/03 Jeff Hornacek, former Phoenix Suns shooting guard and head coach, has agreed to a three year deal to become head coach of the New York Knicks.  I am a fan of  Mr. Hornacek and I wish him great success with the Knicks.
Obama, while trashing Donald Trump, inexplicably attempted to speak without his Teleprompter.  He really should know better.  Here is a 40-second video illustrating the stammering, stuttering and babbling he invariably suffers without his Teleprompter.  Remember.  Somebody re-elected him.
I am curious, just what do you think Cuba, Mexico, North Korea, China, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Iran,  Venezuela, and of course many others, would look like if their people had a Second Amendment?
05/27 While in Hiroshima, our pathetic president Obama referred to:  “A future in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare, but the start of our own moral awakening.”  Somebody should remind Obama that Japan is not a victim.
05/24 Mexican thugs protesting a Donald Trump rally engaged in riots burning American Flags, burning and hitting police officers with rocks (and even knocking down a police horse), setting fires and generally just being savages.  Rampaging while proudly waving Mexican flags.  I am curious.  If Mexicans are so proud of Mexico, why did 40 million of them desert that third world $hit hole country in the first place?
05/05 For anyone who still believes our political system is not corrupt, just look at what is happening to Bernie Sanders.  Normal people understand.
Vicente Fox, the potty mouth ex-president of Mexico, who told presidential candidate Donald Trump he wasn't going to pay for Trump's F***ing Wall, and that Trump is ignorant, crazy, egocentric, nasty, a liar and false prophet.  WOW! Fox really said that.  Today, Fox apologized.  Can you imagine that?  Foreign leaders apologizing to US and not the other way around?  Obama should  put the universe back in order and apologize to Fox for having to apologize to Trump.
05/03 Senator Ted Cruz suspended his campaign for president after a crushing loss in today's Indiana primary.  During this brutal presidential campaign, Mr. Cruz garnered only 565 delegates while Mr. Trump earned 1,047.  Trump now owns the campaign, the race, the convention and the party.  The vain Ohio Governor John Kasich with a mere 153 delegates refuses to quit and cast away his fifteen minutes of fame.
04/28 Obama's U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency in 2015 decided not to deport, but release,  19,723 criminal illegal aliens, including 208 convicted of murder and over 900 convicted of sex crimes. It's true! You can't make this stuff up!  Obama and the democrats are so desperate for votes they will do ANYTHING to keep criminals and minorities available for the ballot.
04/27 Today, Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump scored massive victories in PA, MD, CT, DE & RI leaving the establishment republicans in total disarray.  Trump is, by far, the top republican vote getter and the establishment does not like him.  The current delegate count is Trump: 953 - Cruz: 546 - Rubio: 171 - Kasich: 153.  What to do!  <s>Perhaps Speaker Paul Ryan can issue an Executive Order and declare Jeb Bush the winner.</s>
04/23 Yesterday, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Democrat, signed an executive order restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons, a sweeping action the governor said was aimed largely at rectifying Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power.  Coincidentally, these African-Americans, who typically vote as a bloc in favor of Democrats, will be able to participate in Hillary's presidential election.
04/22 Today, dipshit Obama, threatened Great Britain with punishment through trade relations should Britain decide to leave the European Union.  Of course, the Brits are upset with dipshits attempt to interfere with their internal affairs.  I hope our British cousins think about just who and what Obama really is and does not blame the rest of US Americans.  Obama is a community organizer and anything more complicated than that is far above his ability to comprehend.
04/06 Today, legendary country singer Merle Haggard has passed away from complications of pneumonia on his 79th birthday.  Singer, composer, guitar player of traditional country music.  We shall miss him.  Thank you Merle for your contribution to the world of music.
03/29 The presidential primaries are in full force and one of the democrat candidates, Hillary, has this terrible email server FBI investigation hanging over her head.  This is unfair.  The woman is running for president and no one knows if she may be in prison on inauguration day.  She is entitled to have the air about her cleaned up either way.  Obama should pardon her or prosecute her.  Get it done.
Kim Jong-un, the diminutive, vertically challenged dictator of North Korea has warned his people of an  anticipated famine by announcing: "The road to revolution is long and arduous.  We may have to go on an arduous march, during which we will have to chew the roots of plants once again".  Check out this picture of Kim and see if he looks faminized to you.  Now, the guy on the left side of the picture appears to be suffering from terminal famine.  No famine in South Korea.  I wonder why?
03/25 Today, in Yemen, primitive, barbaric muslims crucified Catholic Priest, Father Thomas Uzhunnalil.  Jesus is very sad.  Allah is happy and has 72 virgins anxiously waiting for each of the executioners.
03/22 Today, in Belgium, muslims attacked innocent women and children and others at the Brussels airport and a city subway station killing at least 34 and wounding an additional 230.  The victims were slaughtered simply because they are not muslim.  Europe, and other civilized nations, however, will continue to merrily welcome, with open arms, hundreds of thousands more muslims into their once loving and peaceful societies.
The government of Mexico is assisting and encouraging its illegal aliens residing in the USA to gain US citizenship.  Citizenship would then enable the illegals to vote against Trump and would also permanently rid Mexico of millions of the unskilled, uneducated, criminal, sickly, poor elements of their population providing great relief to Mexican welfare programs.  Good old USA bails them out again.
03/18 Today, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Amy Searight announced The US and the Philippines have agreed on five locations for U.S. military facilities under a security deal agreed amid rising tensions with China.  In 1992 the Philippines saw fit to force US out of the Islands but now want US back? I can't help but wonder, will they pay US for defending them, or will they expect US to pay them for the privilege?
03/14 Today, at a campaign rally in Illinois Hillary said: "Now, is Libya perfect? It isn´t,"  "Libya was a different kind of calculation and we didn´t lose a single person ..."  Wow!  I guess she already forgot about Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Information Officer Sean Smith, former Navy SEAL Glen Doherty and former Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods.  I guess those four heroes were not important to her.
03/11 John Kasich, (Gov-OH-R) in his now pitiful desperation to remain relevant in his presidential race has made the following statements: “For those (illegal aliens) that are here that have been law abiding, God bless them,” - “Then I think the (illegal aliens) should have a path to legalization,"  The  governor, who supports TPP, is eager to permanently give the jobs his fellow Ohioans have lost to the illegal aliens.
03/08 Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto compared the language of republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump to that of dictators Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.  Wow!  That nearsighted Mexican must be stupid enough to believe Trump has a short memory.  Instead of thinking about who Americans want to be their president this dipshit should be thinking about why millions and tens of millions of his citizens have fled Mexico.
03/07 Germany has banned pork products from school cafeterias to avoid offending muslims.  HUH?  Germany is world famous for sausages integrated with their culture.  Folks, the muslims are winning.
03/07 Three illegal immigrants, shielded from deportation by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, are suing three Missouri colleges, charging the schools’ tuition is too high.  Because the illegals are not Missouri residents they are being charged "Out of State Tuition" just like they charge students from Ohio, Utah, Vermont, etc.  The illegals do not like that, so they sue.
Today, Nancy Davis Reagan, 94, passed and has now joined her "Ronnie" for eternity.  As First Lady, America was proud of her.  Rest in Peace.
03/02 Super Tuesday's presidential primaries went as anticipated.  Democrat Hillary destroyed Bernie and Republican Trump dominated Cruz and Rubio.  You may see full voting results here.
02/25 It seems very strange that muslims refer to America as "The Great Satan" yet flock to our Southern border by the tens of thousands.  Possibly, they believe this is where their 72 virgins are coming from.
02/24 Build the wall.  We will not have to deport 20 Million illegals.  Stop their welfare and they will go home.
02/21 Establishment favorite son Jeb Bush wisely dropped out of the presidential race, but John Kasich desperately clings to his political lifeline that, in reality, is attached to nothing.  Plausibly, his only motivation is the promise of a bureaucratic position from the eventual winning candidate in return for vacating his campaign efforts.  Once held, power is difficult to release.
02/20 Today, Jeb Bush, the anointed one of the "Republican Establishment," terminated his presidential candidacy after receiving only 7.8% of the votes.  This leaves only third runner Marco Rubio to carry the establishment party banner against Hillary.  The party is now desperate to preserve the status quo by eliminating Trump and Cruz.  Their political life relies upon taxpayer money flowing through D.C. and into the pockets of them and their comrades.  After they count the votes on the 11 state "Super Tuesday" on March 1, to stop the Republican Establishment and "Gang of Eight" member Rubio, it may be time for Trump and Cruz to make a deal.
02/18 The FBI and Apple are at odds over data encryption on a iPhone owned by a dead muslim terrorist.  The government is demanding Apple give them a "back door" to unlock the iPhone operating system which would ultimately destroy the phone, Apple, the shareholders and the employees.  Government accuses Apple of being unpatriotic but accepts no responsibility for letting this muslim into the country in the first place.
Today, Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Gregory Scalia, 79, passed away in Shafter, Texas.  This is a tragedy, not only for his family and loved ones but for the people of the United States of America and the U.S. Constitution.  Justice Scalia's guidance and wisdom shall be profoundly missed.
02/12 When Obama became president the national debt stood at $10.6T.  It now stands at $19T.  That means Obama spent $9 Trillion more than he took in.  What happened to it?  Where did it go?
02/11 Since George Washington became president April 30, 1789, the most powerful weapon the president possessed was the veto.  All that changed when doofus Obama replaced congress with the Executive Order.
02/10 The US Census Bureau announced our trade deficit with Communist China increased to $365,7 Billion for the year 2015.  China now holds $3.33 Trillion in foreign exchange reserves.  The United States is now $19 Trillion in debt.  Does anybody see a potential problem?
Today was political primary voting day in New Hampshire.  Trump and Sanders won big.  See the full voting results here.
The Main Stream Media and Republican establishment decry Donald Trump for his lack of "political experience."  Huh?  Was it not "experienced" politicians like Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, Ryan and a multitude of other professional politicians who drove US to the mess we are now in?
About border patrol, congressional republican leaders, the impotent McConnell and Ryan, need to remind Obama, our hapless president of the United States Constitution, Article II, Section 3 ". . . he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed, and shall Commission all the Officers of the United States."
02/03 Today, our rogue President Obama ordered our border patrol agents to stand down, release illegal immigrants and no longer order them to appear at deportation hearings.  The doofus has completely opened our nations borders to all comers with total disregard for national security.  Please do NOT tell me Zero does not possess a diabolical plan for the destruction of our country.
02/02 Bill Clinton's wife won the Iowa Caucus with 49.9% over socialist Bernie Sanders 49.6%.  OK.  However,  I do not understand, nor care, why Bernie is not playing to win.  He attacks her in several areas but refuses to talk about Benghazi, her FBI email scandal, her health problems or the investigation of her selling Secretary of State favors in return for contributions to her Clinton family trust.  Curious.
01/29 Today, the USA national debt reached the incomprehensible amount of $19 Trillion.  I have no idea just how much money that is but I do know we cannot pay it.  Our greedy politicians are hopelessly addicted to spending and they cannot stop.  They know exactly what they are doing, but they do not care.
01/26 The Black outrage over the "White Oscars" continues to rage nationwide.  It appears Blacks have evolved into an entitlement culture whereby they deserve an Oscar without regard to performance. They are "entitled" to an Oscar because the Whites owe them. Now they have organized a boycott of the awards show.  Bully, Bully!  That'll show 'em.
01/25 Why is it that whenever a muslim shows up, everyone has to change what they are doing?  A muslim believes he has the right not to be offended.  That offends me!
01/22 Once you accept that Barack Obama is not on the side of America, everything he does makes sense.
Relating to yesterday's comment: There is NO SUCH THING as a "tax loophole."  Each and every so-called loophole has been intentionally and deliberately placed into the tax code because a politician has written a law to accommodate his home voting district or some campaign contributor.  The law is written without regard or caring of its effect on the millions of other taxpayers in the nation.  In essence, the politician sells his loophole for a golf weekend in Pebble Beach, a ski vacation in Aspen, a summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard or, sadly, a campaign contribution.
Donald Trump is a businessman who over the years has contributed to political campaigns of many democrats.  This seems to bother some people as they wonder how he could be a true republican when he has donated millions to the likes of Reid, Pelosi, Clinton, Rangle, Schumer, Kerry, Kennedy and many others.  The complainers forget that our politicians have degenerated so low that any corporation requesting clearance approvals from the plethora of government regulating agencies have many palms to grease.  Democrats have been in charge for years.
A large media outcry has emerged because the Academy for Motion Picture Arts has not been "diverse" and nominated an unspecified number of “Blacks” for the Oscar Awards.  They are charging the Academy as "racist" for believing that, this year, the best actors happen to be "White."  Curious.  Those same people are impassive while the NBA believes, year after year, the best players are "Black."
01/12 Today, Iran captured 2 patrol boats and 10 U.S.A. Navy sailors. - WTF - How can this happen?  The nearby Nimitz Class USS Harry S Truman is loaded with F/A-18 Super Hornets and numerous other aircraft and attack and rescue helicopters that could have been used to rescue the sailors or to prevent their capture.  Never, never, never, regardless of circumstances or location should we allow our warriors to be captured by barbaric muslims.  Whatever happened to John Paul Jones?  Obama sucks.
01/11 Sean Penn, of El Chapo Fame, is like Jessee Jackson, Cindy Sheehan, Al Sharpton and others without talent, experiences or intellect will travel the country from coast to coast offering nothing but their face for the camera.  Penn is really smart though, he almost graduated from high school, Jackson graduated from a black college, North Carolina Agriculture and Technical Sate University, Sheehan moved to San Francisco in 2007 and ran for congress against Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in 2012  Roseanne Barr named Sheehan her running mate for the presidential nomination of the Peace and Freedom Party and in 2014 Sheehan ran for governor of California.  Sheehan graduated with honors from Cerritos College and even though she never got elected to anything, you must admire her enormous efforts to grasp the government teat. Sharpton, of Tawana Brawley fame, dropped out of Brooklyn College but has spent his entire career being everywhere and doing everything.  He ripped the "Black Leadership" from Jesse.
Yesterday, Mexican law enforcement captured Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera "El Chapo," head of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel, in Mazatlan, Sinaloa.  That is good news and congratulations to the Mexican security forces responsible.  I wonder if El Chapo will reveal the names of Mexican officials and police personnel who were on his payroll?  Mexico had him in their top maximum security prison twice and lost him both times so he is now in the process of being extradited to the USA for imprisonment and trial.
Happy Birthday to Kim Jong-un (33) of North Korea, the dwarfed little twerp with the bad haircut.  One must wonder just how much longer this physical and mental midget can hold his power. His greatest enemies are not South Korea or the United States, but his own people and he cannot use his unclear bombs on them.
Ali Saqr al-Qasem murdered his MOTHER because she asked him to leave the Syrian ISIS terrorist group.  His MOTHER! Allah and Obama are happy, the mother not so much.  Obama is importing thousands of these muslims into our country.
Today, North Korea announced the successful testing of a "miniature" hydrogen bomb. Not very many people believe PDRK is being truthful.
Today, President Obama announced a new executive order on background checks for buyers of firearms regardless of venue.  The stage was amply adorned with victims and families of gun violence actions.  Obama's faux tears were a nice touch. The tear scene, of course, dramatically moved the conference from victims of violence to Obama himself. . . . Naw. He didn't stage that.  He was serious.  Don't you think?
The phrase "muslim terrorist" is redundant and "moderate muslim" is an oxymoron.
Happy New Year!  Today is the first day in the Year of Our Lord, 2016. Obama is still president, but he will be gone in 384 days, Mitch McConnell is still majority leader, John Boehner has been cloned into Paul Ryan, we are $18.8 Trillion in debt, muslims are still killing US at every opportunity, Hillary is on top of the democrats, Trump is on top of the republicans, Star Wars #7 is shattering box office records, the 102nd Rose Bowl found Stanford (#5) victory over Iowa (#6) 45-16, across the Middle East and Northern Africa, America continues to sacrifice our blood and treasure to prevent muslims from killing muslims, Algore is still hyperbolizing global warming, the equities markets are all at record highs and interest rates increased for the first time in nearly nine years by .25%.  On the bright side, Obama will be gone in 384 days, America remains the undisputed military, economic and scientific force on the planet. The US Dollar, in spite of the Obama assault, is still the most stable, secure and desired currency on Earth.  We still have "Baby Kim", the little chubby Korean dwarf with the bad haircut, the mentally unhinged Putin, the debauched Iranian 7th century perverts and the eternal, world’s top cigar salesman, Fidel Castro, hysterically nipping at our heels. Yet fear not my fellow citizens, America is great and we will survive Obama just as we survived Jimmy Carter.  2016 will not be a good year simply because Obama is still with US but as a precursor to 2017, the year will be grand.

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