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My Humble Opinion

I Remember

I can't imagine anyone who would like to go back to the "Good Old Days" of no electricity, out-houses, carrying pump water and scratchy woolen underwear, still some of the old values and memories linger.

I remember when:

A double-dip was 10 cents

Doctors made house calls

Children could go to the movies

Mercury was in our thermometers and not our fish

Coke was Cola

Nobody had AIDS

Comedians like Gleason, Skeleton, Hope, Fields, Abbot and Costello, Laurel and Hardy, Keaton, Ceaser, Silvers, Berle, Benny, Ball, Burns and Allen, Chaplin, didn't have to use the "F" word to get a laugh

Roy Rogers was my hero

A 100 mile motor car trip was a major event

We drank water from the pump

We drank water from the stream

A joint was a bad place

Teachers used switches and nobody sassed

High School kids knew reading, writing and arithmetic

The family played parlor games after dinner

Sports figures were role models

A pump handle or sled runner in January was always faster than my tongue

Snow was either white or yellow and we NEVER ate yellow snow

The banker knew my name

Men would stand when a lady entered the room

Japan made cheap stuff

We didn't know about such things as toxic waste, ozone layer, red dye no. 2, cholesterol, fluorocarbons, television, TCE, PBC

In 1956 a DJ from KDAL radio in Duluth said Elvis couldn't sing and he wouldn't last

Gabriel Heatter read the radio news

The Dodgers were in Brooklyn

Automobiles were designed by artists, not accountants and wind tunnels

Good guys won

It was alright to give candy to children

Yes, I do remember

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