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My Humble Opinion

I Don't Like Bill Clinton

I never did like him. William Jefferson Clinton. President of the United States. He came to us and promised the "most ethical administration in the nation's history," full medical and health benefits for everyone provided by the government, an end to welfare as we know it, a tax cut for the middle class, better education for our children. Something for everyone. All this, and for less money.

Instead, he gave us the most scandal ridden government in U.S. history, the largest tax increase in history, a secret government health care task force, campaign finance fraud, Motel 1600, the vast right-wing conspiracy, oral sex conversations at the dinner table, cigar sex, presidential perjury, Chinese missile technology, partial birth abortion, Jocelyn Elders, Ron Brown, Webster Hubbell, Henry Espy, Bruce Lindsey, Sid Blumenthal, Janet Reno, Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monic Lewinsky, John Huang, Johnny Chung, James Riady, Charlie Trie, Harold Ickes, James Carville, Vincent Foster and Hillary. Obviously, this is only a partial list, but you get the idea.

He has, almost single-handedly, wreaked near destruction on the Democratic Party. Since Clinton entered the presidency, the Democrats have lost control of the U. S. Senate, the House of Representatives, 14 governorships, 21 state legislative chambers, and 500 legislative seats across the country. Nearly 400 elected Democrats have switched to the Republican Party including 5 congressmen and 2 senators. And now, during the culmination of scandal of his grotesque presidency, we are approaching national elections in November 1998. I anticipate very large gains for the Republicans. Clinton is the best thing that's happened to my party since Abraham Lincoln.

However, what is good for my party, is not necessarily good for my country. I'm not really sure if the Republican gains are an affirmation of their policies and confidence in the quality of their candidates, or nothing more than a repudiation of Clinton. I voted for Ross Perot not because I liked him, I voted for him because he was not Bill Clinton. I voted for Perot because he was not George Bush. I did not vote for "Read My Lips" George "No New Taxes" Bush because he LIED to me. In retrospect, Clinton makes Bush look like Sister Teresa. Neither Republicans nor Democrats have jurisdiction over intellect or honesty. Our founding fathers understood the importance of checks and balances and I do not wish to see any party, including mine, totally dominate the political landscape.

Beyond the damage Clinton has administered to the Democratic Party, it pales in comparison to the damage he has precipitated on our Office of the President, our judicial process, our moral standards, the polarization of our congress and, the international image of our presidential office, our nation, its government and its people. He has individually transformed the presidency from an exalted office and honored figure to a national and international absurdity and a Jay Leno punch line.

The man must be removed from office. He is not fit to perform, or be responsible for, the prodigious responsibilities of the United States presidency. He is evil. Immoral. Obscene. Embarrassing. Destructive. Webster could provide a multitude of comparative adjectives to describe this degenerate but the authoritative profanity to adequately characterize this offensive abomination of humanity has not yet been created.

He must be impeached. Punished. Humiliated. Not only because he deserves it, but because it is necessary for the survival of the republic. He has lowered the performance bar of the presidency to a totally untenable level. We must forewarn all future presidents that Bill Clinton's contemptible character and conduct is not and never will be acceptable.

That's the way I see it.


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