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My Humble Opinions
"The Way I See It"

If you momentarily abandon logic, my writings will make more sense to you

  "My Random Thoughts On Current Events"
Strange things happen when you are not looking

  My Very Humble Opinions

Income Tax Blues - Amendment 10
When it began:
1913 - 1% of the first $452,292 stepping to 7% of everything over $11,332,304
IT"S TRUE!  THEN the politicians got GREEDY!

The Great Gibson Guitar Raids (added 08/22/12)
Full body armour, automatic weapons, jackboots

Hard Work Is Good For You.  It's Better For The Government (07/17/09)
The government's share of your paycheck is bigger than yours

Income Tax Evasion and the U.S. Congress (09/09/08)
If you open a checking or savings outside the USA, the IRS thinks you are a criminal

Democrat Leaders And Their Advisers (added 09/07/06)
If you are unsure of a man's character, look at his friends

U. S. Senate Votes For Mexican Amnesty (added 05/28/06)
Politicians will do ANYTHING for a vote.  Reward the criminals with Amnesty.

I Don't Like Dubya Anymore (added 04/28/06)

Started out good, but never saw a spending bill he didn't love

"We The People" and Guns (added 04/24/06)
What part of ". . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms,
shall not be infringed." do democrats not understand?

 Losers (added 01/17/04)
This pictorial page will be updated soon

Vote For Me - I'm Running For King (added 08/12/04)

If I decide to run for King in 2016 my platform would be the same

Rights, God and America (Added 09/27/03)
Anyone who believes our first founding document did not pay homage to God has never read it.

I Love Star Wars (Added 05/16/02)
John Wayne, James Bond, Rambo, Star Wars and Arnold.  Awesome!

    Jimmy Carter - Narcissistic and Clueless (Added 05/15/02)

The worst president ever!  Worst on Earth and the Solar System.

Arm The Pilots - Now (Added 05/04/02)
A simple solution for muslim hijackers

  Time to say "Goodbye Mr. Greenspan" (Added 10/02/01)
Your guiding which once shined so bright is now growing dim

Gun Control (Added 01/10/01)
It doesn't work but it feels good

I Remember (Added 04/30/99)
Life in the "old days" really was simpler

The Death of the Republican Party (Added 02/19/99)
Democrats see and understand the big picture

It's Over - Clinton Walks (Added 02/13/99)

Clinton Is Impeached! (Added 12/20/98)

Why The Cry For Clinton's Censure (Added 01/01/99)

I Don't Like Bill Clinton (Added 09/10/98

What Happened To Our Founding Fathers (Added 08/14/98)

How Did I Make It This Long? (Added 07/02/98)


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