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My Humble Opinion


Alec Baldwin - Wife beating college dropout tells his 12 year old daughter "You are a rude, thoughtless little pig."
Hank Johnson D-GA
Hank Johnson - D-GA thought if the Army stationed
2,000 troops on Guam the island would tip over.

Bill Maher
Bill Maher - I’m just saying if he (VP Cheny) did die,
other people, more people would live

Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter - Gramma, we told you not to let Jimmy
out of the attic.  Now look at him.  Poor Jimmy

Kofi Annan
Kofi "Oil-For-Food" Annan - Without question the most
incompetent UN Sec Gen ever. 
King of corruption and dumb as a rock.
Betty Williams
Betty Williams - Nobel Peace Prize winner proudly preaching to school children "I would love to kill George Bush."
Belinda "Bubba's Blonde" Stronach
Belinda "Bubba's Blonde" Stronach - Canadian PM wannabe relishing her illicit liaison with Hillary's husband
Kim Jong Il - Dictating Dwarf
Kim Jong Il - Dwarf-like Pot-bellied, dog eating, dictator of North Korea threatening the world with missiles that don't work
John Murtha
John Murtha (D) - The Army is broken, worn out, we cannot win, our soldiers murder women and children in cold blood
Michael Berg
Michael Berg - Has traded in Nick's head for votes
I forgive al-Zarqawi because it's Bush's fault

"Baghdad Mike" Chertoff
"Baghdad Mike" Chertoff - Reveals Minutemen locations to Mexico to assist illegal invasion and drug smugglers

Prez Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Diminutive "Mighty Mouth" lunatic loving to play tough - "Pull my finger"
Cindy Sheehan & Hugo Chavez
Cindy Sheehan - Shown here with Hugo Chavez,
will do anything to get her picture published

Russell Feingold D-WI
Russell Feingold - Tried to censure the president for fighting terrorism is called "Traitor" by his own party leader
Barry Bonds
Barry Bonds - Baseball cheater who doped his way into the record books - bigger and stronger at 40 than 28
Calypso Louie Farrakhan
Calypso Louie Farrakhan - muslim preacher preaching "America must burn"
"Rino" John McCain
John "RINO" McCain - Presidential wannabe, eager to reward law breaking illegal alien criminals with amnesty

Alec Baldwin - Wife beating college drop-out liar wants to kill Henry Hyde's wife and children calls Dick Cheney a terrorist

President G. W. Bush - It's good that muslims are in charge of our shipping ports - trust them, they love peace
Baghdad Mike Chertoff
"Baghdad Mike" Chertoff - It's good that muslims are in charge of our shipping ports - trust them, they love peace
Algore Screaming
Al Gore - Democrat - Panders to muslims apologizing because
after they attacked us we were "inconsiderate" to muslims
mexico Vicente Fox
Vicente Fox - Tinhorn president of a banana republic that must send its citizens to the USA for food, medicine and money
Michael Chertoff
"Baghdad Mike" Chertoff - There are no Mexican soldiers crossing our borders, never, all lies, we have them surrounded

Louis Farrakhan - "Calypso Louie" - still waiting for the Mother ship to return for him

Harry Belafonte - America hating one-hit-wonder still bananas after his "hit" 48 years ago

Cindy Sheehan - Heartbroken mother turned liar and camera and media hog.

Helen Thomas - "If Dick Cheney runs for president, I'll kill myself." She still thinks someone cares

Kim Jong Il - Maniacal midget (5'1") dictator of North Korea who can't get anyone to talk to him
Dick Durbin
Dick Durbin - Proclaims USA soldiers are worse than the Soviet Gulag, Nazis and Pol Pot
Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart - Celebrity justice loser sees jail - OJ, Kobe Bryant, Robert Blake, Michael Jackson all walk
Barbara Boxer
Barbara Boxer - Bitter, bitter old hag who is against everything but for nothing
john Kerry
John Kerry - Presidential wannabe who kept his grade point average secret

John "RINO" McCain  - Presidential wannabe relates to the rooster who thinks his crowing brings the dawn

John Kerry - Presidential wannabe won three purple hearts without losing a drop of blood

Jacques Chirac, funny president of the funniest country with the language police

Ted Turner, lost his job, his wife, his ratings, his CNN, his relevance and his mind, but HE won the Cold War

Dan Rather
Dan Rather, totally confused CBS talking head with his reputation in shambles
Howard Dean
Howard Dean, won the hearts of Democrats then lost it all with just one shriek

Michael Jackson, three times acquitted of child abuse, "I look into the face of children and see God"

All muslim children being taught to hate instead of how to play

Sandra Keller, aka Sultaana Freeman, convicted child beating muslim convert who sued Florida over her drivers license picture
Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson, shake down artist who lost his black leadership position to Al Sharpton

Bill Clinton, impeached, convicted perjurer, "I did not have sex with that woman"

Al "no controlling legal authority" Gore, inventor of the internet, who still thinks he won the election

Saddam Hussein, mother of all dictators and Iraqi president for life

Kobe Bryant, on top of the world
but thought sex was better

Monica Lewinsky,
her name will live forever

Gray Davis, humiliated and recalled
governor of California

O. J. Simpson, doomed to spend the rest
of his days searching for the "real" killer

Chelsea Clinton - It's not really her fault,
she didn't get to pick her parents

Mike Tyson, wife beating rapist
turned cannibal

Robert Blake, he was convinced his life
would be better without wife Bonnie

Hanoi Jane Fonda - American traitor dumped by
Ted Turner and now trying to resurrect her career

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