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My Humble Opinion

Bill Clinton Is Impeached

Well, it finally happened. William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States was impeached December 19, 1998 on two articles.  The articles were perjury before a grand jury and obstruction of justice. The perjury charge passed 228-206, the obstruction charge passed 221-212.

While both parties had a few members that crossed over, the votes were essentially along party lines. Clinton and his pundits are correct in their assessment that the U. S. House of Representatives conducted "partisan" hearings and the voting reflected a polarized and prejudicial congress filled with venom, hate and overcome with political goals having no bearing on the fair outcome of the hearings. I completely agree.

What is astounding to me, is how the Democrats were unable to comprehend the significance of the charges and the future repercussions on the judicial system of this country if Clinton were allowed to flaunt this nation's laws by committing perjury and obstructing justice without requital. The Democrats on the Judicial Committee were duly elected by their respective constituents and we must assume they possess reasonable intelligence. The exception of course, is Maxine Waters (D-CA). She is without doubt the second dumbest human in the country. Never in my life have I seen so much stupidity spewed from one person, her face contorted with hate while ranting and bellowing meaningless drivel totally lacking intellect, continuity or logic. Her contribution to the debate and investigation of the charges was the undignified equivalence of oral flatulence. Don't you have to graduate from high school to be a congressman? Maxine Waters is proof that anyone can live the American dream. I refer to her as the "second" dumbest human in the country because, although it's difficult to conceive, there is probably someone, somewhere, in this vast nation and in all probability institutionalized, who is dumber than she is. But, I digress. The Democrats, because of partisan politics, found themselves defending, approving and endorsing perjury and obstruction, and trivializing deceit, immorality, lechery, perversion, abuse of power, infidelity, lying, cheating and many of the other disgusting traits that define Bill Clinton. The Democrats did not support Clinton because they thought he was innocent, they supported him because he is a Democrat. Partisan politics indeed.

And the crowning glory to Clinton's character, after he was impeached, instead of doing what most every other prudent person would do after such a humiliating and degrading event, hide in a closet, leave town, disconnect the telephone, join the foreign legion, chant mantras on a Tibetan mountain peak or some such other self agonizing activity, Noooooooo, Clinton holds a pep-rally party on the White House lawn with all of the party loyalists and lackeys wildly cheering him on while he repeats the tired and ragged phrase "...I have accepted responsibility for what I did wrong in my personal life...". Wrong in his personal life? As President of the United States he lied before a federal grand jury. This man is so full of himself he still cannot understand, or accept responsibility for, his actions.

And Hillary! Astonishing! Stands by his side in the garden during the pep-rally dutifully looking up at him with doe eyes and mutters the words "......I love and care deeply about my husband......my profound love and support....." Who is this woman? Is her lust for power so intense she still profoundly loves and supports this degenerate? Maybe she's the one who's dumber than Maxine Waters.

To pirate a phrase repeatedly employed by that internationally preeminent personality of the media, Charlie Brown, "I can't stand it!"

That's the way I see it.


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