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My Humble Opinion

The Death of the Republican Party

Since the departure of President Ronald Wilson Reagan, and the successful Democrat attack on Newt Gingrich, rendering him irrelevant, the Republican party has been without leadership, direction, purpose or conviction. President George H. W. Bush did enormous damage to the party and this nation with his now infamous speech "Read My Lips, No New Taxes" which directly led to the popularity of H. Ross Perot and the election of Clinton. The failure of the Senate to convict the impeachment of Clinton adds enormous strength and resolution to the Democrat party. The Republicans are a defeated lot wandering about the Capitol in search of a cause. They remind me of the old JFK campaign speech where he accused the Republican Party in 1959 of imitating their mascot symbol (elephant) by running around in circles with their nose wrapped around the tail of the one in front of them all sharing the same view. JFK's picturesque image, while not true then, certainly became true 40 years later.

However, being without leadership and direction is not the entire Republican problem. The truth is, the Democrats have worked smarter, harder, more cohesively and undeniably with more vision. The Republican Party will assuredly die for the following reasons:

1. Over half of the people working today, work for the various levels of government. The Democrats stand for big government and the Republicans stand for individual initiative and small government. People working for the government rely upon the Democrats to constantly expand the functions and operations of government to provide themselves with an employment growth path and job security.

2. A great majority of the lesser half of working people not employed by the governments are employed through labor unions. During the last presidential election, the following labor unions gave the following percentages of their PAC contributions to the Democrats.

Teamsters Union - 95.8%,

American Federation of State/County/Municipal Employees - 98.0%,

United Auto Workers - 99.2%,

Association of Trial Lawyers of America - 89.1%,

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - 97.6%,

Laborers Union (Building Trades) - 91.3%

United Food and Commercial Workers - 98.4%

Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union - 99.1%

National Association of Letter Carriers - 87.5%

Carpenters Union - 94.6%

United Steel Workers - 100.0%

AFL-CIO - 97.4%

Communications Workers of America - 99.4%

United Transportation Union - 83.4%

National Association of Retired Federal Employees - 83.3%

Emily's List (Women's Issues) - 99.9%

Plumbers/Pipefitters Union - 95.1%

National Committee for an Effective Congress - 99.3

Sheet Metal Workers Union - 96.8%

Each of the above unions gave in excess of $ 1 Million to the cause of the Democrats because they are interested in government laws and directives that protect and expand their interests.

3. This nations minorities, either because they are incapable of economically providing for themselves, or because the Democrat Party have convinced them they are incapable of determining their own destiny have embraced the Democrats to an alarming degree. The Democrats promise of higher minimum wages, low cost housing, welfare, medicaid, child care, food stamps, employment preferences, education preferences, ebonics, multi-language schooling, free this and free that has destroyed, or at the very least, severely inhibited the challenge and exhilarating pursuit for excellence and attaining the American dream. With the exception of a handful of basketball players, the Black Americans are doomed to a life of single parents, drugs, disease, black on black violence, education dropouts, low skilled jobs, unemployment, welfare and economic depravity simply because the Democrats have indoctrinated them into believing that they need the Democrats to survive. Their own leaders, the Jesse Jacksons, Al Sharptons, Maxine Waters, Carol Mosely Brauns of this world have preached for years that failure is not their fault, it's to be expected, individuals can't thrive on their own, mob mentality and action is required, it's all racism and they lean on the century old crutch of slavery. I don't know about other Whites, but I personally don't give the minorities ten seconds of thought in a day. I make no effort to assist them just because they are minorities, and I certainly do nothing to inhibit their success. For minorities to believe that Whites, as a group, organize resistance to their social or economic advancement leads me to believe they are somewhat self serving and rather absorbed with themselves.

Mexicans support the Democrats because the Democrats have a history of not enforcing this nations immigration laws. Every year millions of Mexicans, millions, cross our border in the pursuit of legitimate economic advancement, and free health care, welfare, pregnant women to give birth to their babies on American soil, free education and, unfortunately a life of crime where a new car and freedom is only two hours away. Every election year, the Democrats grant amnesty to hundreds of thousands of Mexicans in return for their votes. Obviously, the Mexicans like this and they vote, as a bloc, for the Democrats.

Minorities forget they are Minorities. Economic advancement can be gained through inheritance, but is mostly gained through success in the corporate work place, which in turn is dependant upon employees who have attained a comprehensive knowledge of  reading, writing and arithmetic. It is very difficult for any person, regardless of race, to advance in commerce without the basic ability to communicate their ideas, orders, requests and inquiries in a language that is not coherent with the language of the majority. Riots and marching is not the key to success, education is.

God, I ramble. The point of this section is the Democrats have won the Minorities which now represent 43% of the population of this nation.

4. This is the most important reason of all. The Democrats are in total control of the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers. These unions gave 98.5% of their PAC contributions to the Democrats. The Democrats are in control of our children. As each graduating class enters adult society, an ever increasing percentage of them are indoctrinated with the liberal philosophies of collective rewards, the debaucheries of capitalism, and the essential capacity for government supervision in all aspects of our lives. In this sector, the Republicans have totally failed.

We now give our governments substantially over 50% of every dollar we earn as tribute for its compassion and generosity. If you and your spouse earn in excess of $ 42,350 adjusted gross income, you must pay 28% in federal income taxes, FICA is 12.4% and Medicare is 2.9%. This totals 43.3% to the Federal Government, add a simple 8% to your State Government and you have now reached 51.3% of your sweat and toil being confiscated by your governments. To this percentage you must add property taxes, sales taxes, gasoline taxes, repressive cigarette and alcohol taxes, government fees and licenses and the innumerable hidden, buried and secret taxes which are far to difficult for me to comprehend or compute.

The Republicans, especially under Ronald Regan and Newt's "Contract With America" tried very hard to reduce the tax burden and limit the government's involvement in our personal and corporate lives. There were successes and failures. But the big picture of tomorrow is being painted by the Democrats. They are the artists who will color and shape our destiny and our future. I have no idea, and like most people I fear the unknown, what will happen to our majestic country when the tax payers are outnumbered and can no longer support the tax users, when our personal liberties are abated for the benefit of the collective, and government must, in order to survive and perpetuate their elite segment of society which they have created for themselves, regress to what drastic measures to persevere. The Republicans are part of the problem, but they will not be around to be part of the solution. This fall to socialism is feeding on itself and will continue in an ever expanding sphere until it implodes. I would like to think another Ronald Regan, another Harry Truman, another Abe Lincoln will be resurrected in the 11th hour and heroically save our nation.

But, I don't believe it.

The Democrats can now cry victory. The Republicans are mortally wounded. The nation is bleeding profusely.

That's the way I see it.



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