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Why The Cry For Clinton's Censure?

Why are the Democrats pleading for censure of Bill Clinton?
In a Senate impeachment trial, if the vote went along party lines the Republicans don't have the numbers for conviction. With only 55 Republican Senators, and 67 votes required for conviction, that means Clinton will be acquitted. A free pass. Absolved. Why then a censure instead of exoneration? Why is Clinton himself pleading for censure? It seems that if the House Republicans did in fact railroad Clinton into impeachment as the media and the Democrats allege, Clinton and the Democrats would relish the upcoming Senate trial as a glorious opportunity to prove the innocence, chastity and purity of Mr. Clinton and expunge him of all charges. Why are the Democrats obsessed to turn a sure victory into a sure loss? It doesn't make sense. Unless...........

Is it possible Clinton and the Democrats fear what may come out in a full Senate trial? Do our noble representatives on the hill know something you and I don't? Is it possible a number of new witnesses may appear with new and damaging testimony? There have been rumors for months regarding "sick and perverted" testimony which never arose in the House hearings. Forthcoming rape charges have gone nowhere. Bisexual charges never rose above the whisper level. The Arkansas tainted blood scandal has once again risen into minor news. Will Clinton's medical records finally become public? Will Clinton's reported habitual use of cocaine become public? Matt Drudge has been suggesting for the last several days of mysterious new and shocking evidence. Why have traditional pillars of the Senate such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Orrin Hatch and Trent Lott reversed themselves and now support censure?

Why the cry and clamor for censure? Could it be the doddering old Senator Robert Byrd is the sole Democrat congressional member guarding the constitution and the last bastion of logic?

It is terribly disturbing to see so many of our congressmen trivializing the destructive nature of perjury and obstruction of justice. These men and women, who stand in front of us and the world and insist that lying under oath, witness tampering, obstruction of justice, and abuse of the powers of the office of President of the United States are not serious offenses, are the same men and women who have been elected by the citizens of our nation to carry out the solemn and momentous duties of our civilized society. If these people do not understand the gravity of what Clinton has done, and the seriousness of the threat that his actions pose to the very fabric of our judicial system, how can they be fit to serve in public office? What is even more disturbing is that the constituents of those same members of congress are not outraged by the fact that the people with whom they have entrusted their liberties are publicly supporting lying to the public and to a Grand Jury. What assurance do we have that our congressmen do not have the same cavalier attitude about lying to us?

Search your heart and soul. When Clinton ordered the sixth fleet into the Persian gulf the day after the Monica Lewinsky scandal made the headlines, did you suspect for just a teeny weenie moment it may be a diversion? Search your heart and soul. When Clinton bombed a Sudanese aspirin factory on the day Monica Lewinsky testified before the Grand Jury, did you suspect for just a teeny weenie moment it may be a diversion? Search your heart and soul, when Clinton bombed Iraq on the day the House impeachment hearings began, did you suspect for just a teeny weenie moment it may be a diversion? If you did, even for only a fraction of a second, then you have lost your confidence and trust in the President of the United Sates. This means you maybe, possibly, conceivably believe that  the President maybe, possibly, conceivably, would use the enormous and terrible powers available to him to murder foreign citizens on their own soil and to place the innocent men and women of our armed forces in harm's way simply to draw attention away from himself in a feeble attempt to protect himself. Search your heart and soul.

What a terrible price we have had to pay for this man's immaturity.

That's the way I see it.


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