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Laughing old man

The Most Interesting Man In The World Quotes

Remember Bagdad Bob?

Personality Test

Yogi Berra Quotes

Find Your Weight On Other Planets

Why God Made Moms

A Texas Chili Contest

College Football Coach Quotes

Jackie Mason On Starbucks

The Buffalo Theory by Cliff Clavin

Beer Troubleshooting Guide

Don't You Love The English Language?

Actual Headlines

This Page Is Intentionally Blank

High School Analogies and Metaphors
New Airport Security Method (Adult)

State Slogans

Henny Youngman

Rodney Dangerfield
Chuck Norris Facts

The Test For Mad Cow Disease

  All About Farts

Sports Pictures (Adult)

 Optical Illusions - Fun

 Funny Signs Seen On - -

Flash Image (Adult)

 Men Are Like - -


The Little Green Snake

 Women - We've Had Enough

Random Thoughts and Random Facts


Marion Barry, Mayor

Andy Rooney Quotes 

How To Satisfy Your Partner

Top 10 Rejection Lines

Just Jokes ( Adult Content)

Lawyer Jokes

Why Baseball Is Better Than Sex (Adult Content)

Did You Ever Wonder?

Why Dogs Are Better Than Women

Men Rules

BeerJokes (Adult content)


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