This might be interesting to you. This story is in a book written by Mary Jones Polk, who married Colonel Joseph Branch on November 29, 1859. Her stories concerning the Branch family were published under the title BRANCH-MEMOIRS OF A  SOUTHERN LADY-WITHIN THE LINES and was also published in Munsey's Magazine, July 24, 1847, in the works of Cyrus Townsend and Fred Olds of Raleigh, North Carolina, and noted in DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY by Stewart-Trowbridge by Scribner's.

"On July 6, 1747, a son was born to a Scottish gardener and his wife, and was given the name of John Paul, Paul being the family name. In later years John Paul came to America to settle an estate willed to him by his brother. In his travels he became acquainted with a great many people here, among them two brothers, Allen and Wylie Jones, and their wives.

These two families had adjoining plantations and at times John Paul would stay with first the one and then the other of these families. These men were grandsons of Robin Jones who had come to America in 1700 and settled in Sussex County, Virginia. John Paul's bold and frank, sailor-like manner endeared him to the Jones families and through them he met many important governmental figures, among them was Joseph Hewes, Chairman of the Committee of Naval Affairs. It was through him that John Paul was given a post as Lieutenant in the Navy.

While on one of John Paul's extended visits to the homes of the Jones families, particularly that of Wylie, whose wife was a woman of very noted activities in caring for poor girls who needed her in learning to care for their business interests as well as their personal self-images, sometimes having as many as twelve to fifteen living in her home. John Paul was very impressed with the Jones families and he told them that he was going to take the name of "Jones" and make it famous. Hence the name John Paul Jones.

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