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Chester Sierra's Speech 

To Angel Martin and Jim Rockford

Chester Sierra
Chester Sierra
Played By Ray Danton
Angel Martin
Angel Martin
Played By Stuart Margolin
Jim Rockford
Jim Rockford
Played By James Garner

The Rockford Files

"Chicken Little is a Little Chicken"
Season 2 - Episode 9
First Broadcast -   November 17, 1975
This Episode Written By Stephen J. Cannell
Directed Lawrence Doheny

Prologue - Con artist, Tom Little, pays Angel $2,000 to go to the stock market and launder $30,000 of stolen money.  Angel does it and when he tries to return the money to Tom, he discovers that Tom is dead.  Killed by a couple of thugs who then start to chase Angel for the money.  Angel escapes and hides the $30,000 inside Rockford's car.  Chester, the local boss of the gangs, wants his cut on the transaction.  Chester sends out two thugs to bring in Angel and during the foot race and car chase Rockford gets caught in the confusion and ends up right in the middle.  Chester wants his cut and Angel tells him "You're not in the picture on this one." 

That makes Chester angry!

Follow The Dialogue With The Audio

Chester Sierra to Angel and Rockford:     I, uh, hear you guys made a score.

Angel to Chester: Score?

Chester: Yeah.  A guy said to me yesterday, your friends, Angel Martin and Jim Rockford, ran a scam and it's on your turf.   Well, I said, this can’t be.  Cause Angel and Jim are my friends.  We’ve done time together.   Well, I admit I'm a little concerned so I send Don down there to watch you and sure enough there you are down in the stock market scrubbing your money.   So I figured I’d just  invite you guys over here for a little dinner and blow you clean.  You see, when someone makes a score on my end of town, I want my share.

Angel to Chester:  You don't have any share of this.  I mean this isn't like that little thing we were working on last summer.

Angel to Jim: It wasn't nothing Jim, we were just fooling around with something.

Angel to Chester: That was different.  We were partners on that one, but this one you're not in on.  I mean, you're not in the picture on this one. 

Chester to Angel: Let me tell you something very basic Angel.  I am always in the picture.  I am what is known as an Urban Horticulturist.  You see, I have this garden, see, and it runs from Fourth to the Freeway, and from Manchester right up to the Ocean.  Now this garden was given to me to watch over by Lucas Ford while he's out of the country cooling off, but before he leaves he says to me, Chester, don't you never let nobody plant nothing in your garden without you getting something of what grows. 

(Long pause while Chester stares at Angel and Jim)
 And you may ask how come Chester Sierra gets to look over this garden and not some other guy, and this is a fair question.  It's because I am a good gardener. And what I plant, grows.  And I'm picking up lots of food and Lucas Ford is happy.  (Chester raises his voice) Now along come a couple of guys and they jump over the fence with a gunny sack and they start messing around in my garden and I ask them what they're doing and they tell me I'm not in the picture!  

(Pause and Chester sighs)
 Well, let me give you a piece of news.  You are going to be out of the picture.  We got a special place in the garden for guys what don't cooperate.  Its called the East L.A. river and nothing grows there but stiffs. 

Angel to Chester:  You remember Tom Little?  Well he came to me yesterday and he offered me 2G’s to go launder 30 grand down at the stock market.  I don't know where the money came from, but things haven't been going too good Chet, you know.  I don't want to bore you with the details, but, well, I've been having a rough year.

Jim to Angel: Tell him about the money.

Angel to Chester: Well, Mama hadn't been feeling well and, you know, and I've been, I've been giving her half of what I make down at the paper, I don't, I don't want to talk about that but the thing is,  I took the money back to this guys apartment and, and there was two guys there and I ran for it and they chased me but I got away. 

Chester to Angel: And what happened to the 30 grand?

Angel to Jim: You want to tell him that part Jimmy?

Jim to Angel: No, No, you go right ahead.  It sounds so flaky I'm beginning to believe it myself.

Angel to Chester: Well, this part, it gets hard to believe Chet and I hope you can hang with me, I really do, because, what I did is, I took the money and I put it in the left front door panel of Rockford's car.  Then these guys started chasing me again you know.   And they stole Rockford's car, well I got away again but they ditched Rockford's car. I don't know where the car is, but the money's there.

Chester to Angel: You want me to believe this?

Angel to Chester:: Well, I know that . . . (Chester raises his hand to signal Angel to shut up)

Chester to Angel: I've been very patient with you guys.  Huh?  I brought you over here, I invite you to dinner so we can sit down and discuss everything and instead of a little honor and decency you feed me an ice cream sandwich!

Chester to his thug sidekick:  Drop these guys in the river and make an example.  I don't want no one else  to think they can screw with me.

Angel to Jim: You did it Jimmy.

Jim to Angel: I did it?  I never said a word.

Chester to thug: Then, after you're finished with them, I want to see Tom (Little).  Right here!  Right now!

Angel to Chester: Look, why kill both of us?  Just kill one of us.  That would be even better.  See, you could do Jimmy now and then I'd go around and I tell people, boy, you don't cheat Chester Sierra.  And then later on if you want to scare more people, well, I would be available for the engagement.

Chester to thug:  Get them out of here.

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