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2 heaping Tablespoons fresh chopped Sweet Basil

2 heaping Tablespoons freshly grated Parmesan Cheese

3 large cloves garlic finely minced

6 - 8 Walnut halves chopped medium-fine

4 ounces Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Stir all ingredients thoroughly and place in refrigerator overnight.  It can be consumed immediately, but is much better the next day.

Basil - Please use fresh basil in this application.  I usually garnish my place setting with fresh basil and during the meal I will tear the leaves into smaller pieces and distribute those pieces over the food.

Parmesan - Please use fresh grated Parmesan. I have tried the store bought stuff in the green can and it really doesn't work.
Garlic - Please take the time to peel and mince fresh garlic. If you own one of those plier-type garlic press gadgets, get rid of it.  Be environmentally sound and recycle it. If you are going to feed this Pesto to your in-laws, it's all right to use the powdered garlic. But, if you are going to eat it yourself, use fresh.
Walnuts - A real Pesto recipe calls for Pine Nuts. However, they are hard to find and incredibly difficult to shell. If you are going to purchase Pine Nuts already shelled, be prepared to pay around $ 19.00 per pound.  Almost every kitchen has Walnuts in their baking supplies and, probably because I'm accustomed to it, I prefer the taste and texture of Walnuts.
Olive Oil - Please do not attempt to substitute the Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Other oils will not work and will render your meal inedible. While corn, peanut, canola, sesame and other oils have their very important uses, this is not one of them.
Should this recipe render the Pesto too viscous or too thin, simply add more Oil or more Basil and Parmesan until you arrive at your desired consistency.   I enjoy Pesto as a spread on sliced tomatoes, on capellini (angel hair) conchiglie (sea shell) and farfalle (bow tie) pasta, Italian or French bread and toast.

David  08/06/99

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